About The Quality Craft Group

Quality Craft Group

Our Mission

To bring new ideas, innovation and value to our customers. To provide high quality, innovative and extreme value products. To provide a high level of service and support to both our customers and their consumers.

Branding is a key component to Quality Craft’s products. We offer products as house brand or private label, often as top tier proprietary brands for key retailers. We understand what branding represents to our retailers and to their consumers. Our team of creative marketing professionals produces self-sell packaging and dynamic sales materials to motivate consumers within the retail environment.

Teams in Asia and North America experienced in import administration and logistics handle orders from beginning to end.

Quality Craft’s well-trained team of bilingual customer service agents and easy to use, informative websites demonstrate our commitment to customer service.

Home Improvement

Flooring & Wall Products

Product lines are based on Quality Craft’s original business of supplying home improvement products for the last 30 years. We are an innovative company, continually expanding product lines to include a wide variety of vinyl flooring and wall tiles. We are a solid and stable supplier that provides excellent retail customer support and competitive consumer warranties.



Strong product design and quality control are reflected throughout the entire Quality Craft Industries line. All products undergo full quality control inspections and durability testing. They are backed with Quality Craft's competitive or better consumer warranties and full customer support.

Quality Craft Industries also sells to OEM accounts where the manufacturer’s design and products are produced to their specifications in China.

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Quality Craft
Home Improvement
Quality Craft

Solid financial backing

Quality Craft is part of the Collins Co. organization, a diversified and publicly traded corporation with business scope in international trade, fashion apparel retailing, manufacturing, communications, financial services and venture capital.

All products are offered under the Quality Craft Group/Collins umbrella which provides seamless sales and administration support.

You get the best of niche product design and development backed by the entire Quality Craft/Collins organization.